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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Things That Inspire Me (Things I Want) 2

Here's a twist to that classic preppy look that I really love.

I really love leather bags. They go well with any outfit and they are really stylish. Every man should own at least one of these.

I don't know exactly what these are called but I refer to them as "Envelope Satchels". I would love to own one of these. They are perfect for going out.

These are really modern-classy looking bags. I'm loving the one on the right a lot. Blue isn't really my color when it comes to bags.

I have to have a pair of these! These shoes have that outer wool look that I'm loving a lot.

I really want a pair of colored chinos that stand out. They can easily be worked into any outfit because they are visually appealing.

That's a really cool outfit. This is one of those looks where the two colors you never expected to match do. I like his belt and his blazer.

Here's another outfit I really like as well. Those shorts are really cool. And the colors match perfectly. This guy definitely delivered.

In my last post I expressed my love for sweaters. Here I am again. This sweater has that Christmas feel to it that I really like.

His piercings and tattoos are really cool!

Here's another really cool look!

I barely see people wearing orange these days. I love his cardigan and his tangerine tie. 

Here's a rebellious look that gives out that "I don't care" impression. I love it! I'm loving how the whole outfit just speaks out.

Here's another simple and cool outfit. That's a good combination of a v-neck, a vest, and a blazer. Did I mention that the tattoo on his neck makes this look even 10x better?

Soon enough...


  1. I find these inspiring too! I especially like the bags & shoes that you posted. Great style picture choices as well.