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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Things That Inspire Me (Things I Want)

These long sleeve V-necks are so cool. I envy the person who owns them! This makes me want to play around with lighter colors.

Here's a long sleeve jean shirt I really want. It would go really well with jean shorts.

I'm loving the whole look. The brown leather jacket and belt go so well together with that white undershirt. I really need to start adding more brown into my wardrobe.

Since I got that brown sweater from A&F, I started to fall in-love with sweaters in general. They work so well with most outfits. The playful colored and patterned sweaters make me appreciate them even more.

The thing I love most about Vans is how they never get old. This is by far my favorite shoe brand. And I have the exact same shoes in this picture as well!

This look reminds me of those cowboys in the east. Although I'm not a fan of plaid outfits, this one is an exception. The black boots enhance the quality of the outfit as well.

I am a huge fan of girls with tattoos. This picture is so inspiring, it makes me want to get a tattoo on my chest and on my right wrist. I already have a couple of concepts in mind.

I think I just died inside. She is so gorgeous. I want a tattoo on my back side as well.

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