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Monday, December 19, 2011

Capture The Moment

Who Knows, Who Cares Photoshoot
Alexandra Peña
Hey guys! The photoshoot went really well. I cannot stress how grateful I am to have had a chance to take part of something like this.

I met a lot of great people as well. People that I would love to get to know more and eventually call my friends.

It was a bit awkward for me at first (with this being my first time and all), but everything turned out alright. And in the end walking home in the rain was totally worth it. Nothing beat's a chilly night.

The only disappointing part about my day was when I realized that I forgot my shoe bag at home with the rest of my bottom pieces. So before the shoot, I headed to the mall to pick up a really cool feather necklace from Oxygen,a pair of shorts from the Forever 21 and a sweater from A&F  to make up for it. Although my pictures consist of me wearing the same shoes and mostly the same bottoms, I was able to make use of what I had (pictures out soon). I will be posting more details regarding this once they become available.

This was definitely a moment worth capturing. Thank you guys!

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