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Thursday, November 24, 2011

An Introduction

Lazy Mornings
Treston International College
Hey guys! A lot of you might not know me personally, so let me introduce myself. My name is Luis Pelaez, I'm a freshman from Treston International College. I was born and raised in the Philippines and I currently reside in Metro Manila. I have no experience in the fashion industry whatsoever, so all of this is pretty new to me. But that doesn't make me completely clueless.

Despite the lack of experience, I do however have that feel for it. I'm that type of person who does not limit himself to the clothes he chooses to wear. I don't believe in boundaries, only going past them. Looking good has its benefits, people should take advantage of that. Especially in today's "demanding" society. But remember, you do not need expensive clothing or cosmetic surgery (i just had to throw that in there) to look good or gain recognition of any form, you just need to be able to walk it right  and do it right.

A lot of things inspired me to move on with this project of mine. I drew a lot of my inspiration from the 90's, photography, people, and life in general. Art complements art.

Let me share one of my favorite sayings with you, "The world is my canvas and thoughts are my paintings", that right there is enough to get me off my ass and do something creative. So get out there and express yourself! I'm looking forward to giving you guys a piece of my world. And I hope you end up appreciating the little things as much as I do.

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